Robert Avila Design

Experience in Public Works Engineering Departments: Because Robert has experience in city and county agencies, he is familiar with submission and permitting processes. This works to the clients' advantage by meeting standards expected on the other side of the counter.

Since 2000, Robert Avila has worked in designing these agricultural buildings:

  • Shop Buildings
  • Cattle Shades
  • Milking Parlors
  • Flush tanks, milk tanks- vertical & horizontal
  • Retaining walls & sump pits
  • Commodity Barns
  • Cattle Cooling Shades
  • Lagoons (We no longer certify as-built lagoons)
  • Environmental Impact Reports
  • Subdivisions and Lot Line Adjustments (for development or herd increase)
  • Nutrient Management

Member of these reputable organizations:

  • Republican Party of Stanislaus County
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